When you get your bike

Once you get your bike…

  1. Check your box for any damage caused by your local shipping company that could affect its contents. If there is damage, take photos then open up the box to see if the bike is affected. If bike is affected, immediately contact your local shipping company to file a damage report. Then let us know so we can follow up on this to ensure that your bike and/or box contents are replaced.
  2. If the bike arrived in perfect condition, then unbox your bike and register its serial numbers into your User Manual (enclosed). Please also visit our MATE Assistant App to register your bike(s).
  3. Read your User Manual from cover to cover BEFORE mounting your MATE X. This step is KEY in getting the most out of your #MATEXperience!
  4. To help you put your X together, please refer to our MATE user manual. For additional support, you can watch our how-to video as well as video clips that can be found on the MATE Assistant App.