Upgrade chainring to 60T & cassete to 34-11T

TL;DR I would assume 34-11T + 60T to be amazing on 750. It works on 250, but you have to be able to reach 32 km/h (ludacris mode activated).

I am living in Norway (Trondheim), I do have a 250+. Trondheim has lots of hills, so I was expecting this to be too much for my purpose. My main concern was that 60T would make the 1st gear feel too heavy. My second concern was that 60T+11T would be useless for 27km/h and even 32 km/h (ludacris mode activated).

I don’t even have any experience from any operations like this prior to this operation. So of course I had to do my research. It went pretty smoothly. My biggest help was Park Tools YouTube channel:

The 34-11T I went for is the one by DNP (presented by Laurențiu Macovei). The 60T (with chainguard) I went for is the one by Joseph Kuosac (presented by Anders Larsen). It has already been discussed that 58T probably would require higher chain length, so I went for a Shimano 8s 138L to make sure it would work.

To uninstall/install the freewheel, one need the proper tool for the spesific models of freewheel. Luckily, both the 34-11T and the preinstalled 34-13T need the same tool. This is the FR-1.3 by Park Tool. Some lubricant is also needed for the threads of the new freewheel. I went for PPL-1 by Park Tool. Additionally, when sizing the proper length of the new chain, a chain tool is needed. I went for CT-3.2 by Park Tool.

Uninstalling the preinstalled freewheel was super easy. Installing the new freewheel was just as easy. However, the notches is lower on the 34-11T. Does this matter? Not for now. But it might be a little bit of hassle to uninstall the 34-11T, as one will have to be able to remove all nuts and washers before the FR-1.3 fit enough to get a hold of the freewheel. It will not be impossible though, so no need for concerns!

Riding experience

  • 34-11T
    It works like a charm. There is no reason not to install it if you would like to have a 8th gear with some function.
  • 60T
    This is probably perfect for 750. Everyone is talking about 58T, but there is no reason not to choose 60T if you can choose.
  • 34-11T + 60T
    Now, this is where it is probably not for everyone. 11T + 60T is very comfortable while cruising. If you have a 750, this will feel amazing. If you have 250 with ludacris mode activated (max 32 km/h), it still works quite good. But I would NOT recommend this combination if you do not activate ludacris mode (max 27 km/h). The reason is simply that it is too heavy, making either the 60T or 34-11T useless, unless there are no small hills to climb.
  • If you have to choose between 34-11T or 60T
    Well, it sure is less hassle to install an 60T chain ring than a 34-11T freewheel. However, the 34-11T is more for the money. Personally, I think I would choose the chain ring. Installing a chainring takes 5 minutes. Installing a freewheel take 1-2 hours (if you are a n00b like me).

I hope this is of any help!