Upgrade brakes to hydraulic

My bike had the mechanical brakes and I realized that I should have opted for the hydraulic brakes but it was too late for that. Is it worth it to spend the $100+ just to keep from having to adjust the cable periodically? I don’t think that would do it.

The bike is fast and it’s heavy so good brakes is a necessity but simply changing the system from mechanical to hydraulic likely wouldn’t improve my braking. The more I thought about, the more an upgrade sounded better.

I decided that I wanted the best on the market and was willing to pay top dollar to get it.

I read a few reviews and decided on the Magura MT7 Pro four piston hydraulic brake system.

The MT7 Pro has proven itself in countless competitions – and most recently on the bike of DH world champion Loic Bruni.

With four pistons, the MT7 Pro offers the best possible braking performance, while the ergonomically-optimised 1-finger HC lever blade gives you the ideal braking feel. Made in Germany Designed and engineered in Germany.

The Carbotecture SL brake master consists of a composite material made of polymers and embedded carbon fibres. This combination makes the brake master light and extremely resistant.

The radial master design reduces friction and enables small/large transmission ratios. This reduces transmission losses and makes the brake more sensitive and easier to modulate.

The MT7 Pro’s one-piece 4-piston caliper is made of forged aluminium.

This manufacturing method gives the calliper its extraordinary degree of rigidity, making the MT7 Pro one of the strongest and most easily-modulated brakes on the market.