Review after 150km

Hi backers!

So what can i share after first 150km of riding this monster. I will try to be objective.

Its is fun and really big fun. I am comuting to work, 23km one way and its nice to be fastest on the road. Even if i am not going more than 35km/h.
So far i played with settings, mostly power (Amps) and this is my conclusion.

Setting 20A (25 is max) you definitely feel the kick. Bike is super fast and responsive. Takes time to learn it so you dont kill yourself.
Downside is battery life. After 23km my battery was down to 10%. Partly this is to finished only few charging cycles so far but still. It eats power with ease. 😈
Battery is 14Ah.

Today i put power to 10A. You still get speed but by limiting power you limit torque and acceleration and you feel it when going uphill. Previous 35km/h constant speed even uphill is now down to 20-25km/h depending on a hill. Even lower. You are still fastest but not 3x. 🙂
Up side is that after 25km i am still on around 35% battery. So much better. So probably total range is around 40km. Still below expectations but maybe will be better after few more charging cycles.

Bike behaves nice. Its fun to ride. I changed seat so it is easier to endure sitting. Extra dumper is definetly next investment (have it on another bike and its sweet).

Front shock absorber is OFF. It is squeaking and making noise so i disable it. Dont like how its sounds. So probably better one is good option if you have money and time to play around.

Front fender is on and doing its job. No problems so far with it.

Back fender is not installed due to problems with banging and moving. Planning to make small holes in the back and fix it to rack. Hope that will work nice.

Back light is really nice. It signal stop 🛑 as well left and right. It is not so strong so probably can be improved in some future.

Rear Gear shifter is ok. Can be better but considering that i just keep it in 6 or 5 i dont care much for it. Just press throttle when standing still and than start peddling.

Brakes are mechanical disc. Can be better but if you are not driving too fast they do the job. Probably it will be better to install bigger disc rotor for more braking power.
Adjustment was easy and straight forward.

Folding bike is still nightmare. Just can not get good method to do it. Bike is heavy as an elephant and to fold it its hard. Any tip is welcome here.

Charger is working. It takes around 3h to charge from 10% to full. It is very hot after first hour but manageable.

Overall score i keep 8/10.
It is a bike that turn heads. Its is super cool and looks nice.
Some small improvements are good to have as well bigger battery will be nice (17Ah).
Not sure anymore what was promised when i pledged.

So dont listen to unlucky people. There are always problems but you can not make judgment until you try yourself.

Happy Mate-ing.

Thank you!