How to remove the logo

I like the Mate logo and I think it’s very well done for the promotion purposes. However, some people find the logo to be too big and don’t like it. Here is how you can remove the logo from the bike without using the vinyl stickers to cover it.

⚠️Think twice before you do this, you might one day want to sell the bike.

Here is a quote from someone who has removed the logo

… I had a bit of a process, although I am not sure it was necessary. I first started off by testing removing the “.” after “MATE”. I noticed that when I rubbed on the area with acetone to remove the dot, that the area around the painted area was a bit faded………more faded than the area that was under the painted logo. I figured that if there were going to be faded areas, that I wanted them to be neat, shaped faded areas rather than a swished and random mess. So I masked all of the letters with painters tape. I did them one by one. What I came to discover is that the faded areas actually cleared up after wiping them down a few times with Windex……so i am not sure the masking was necessary……but it made me feel more controlled when I was doing it. I have some more tips if you are planning to do it. (link)