How to charge the battery


  1. First plug the charger into the power outlet
  2. Then plug the other side of the charger into the bike

You can take the battery out and charge it like that. How to remove the battery

If you notice some sparks when connecting the cable, check out how to deal with that. Charger Sparks

Charging time

Regular (2.0 A) battery charger:

  • 10 hours* to fully charge 17.5Ah from empty to full
  • 8 hours* to fully charge 14.5Ah from empty to full

Fast (4.0 A) charger:

  • 5 hours* to fully charge 17.5Ah from empty to full
  • 4 to fully* charge 14.5Ah from empty to full

*Depends on current battery usage level, climate conditions, earlier charging cycles.


  • After a bike ride do not charge the battery yet, let it cool down for an hour or more.
  • After a charge, let the battery rest for an hour or two to cool down but also to let the BMS balance the cells.
  • Charging up to 80% and discharging down to 20% are best for a long live!
  • It’s OK to charge it to 100% to get more range, just don’t let the battery sit at 100% for more than a day for no reason.
  • Battery range in voltage is 41.6V – 54.6V

More Tips

  • Standard BMS (battery management system) only balances to 100% (top balance), only really expensive smart BMS can balance at any voltage so far only the Luna APEX has one.
  • Balancing is slow so that’s the reason to let the battery sit after a charge
  • Balancing can take a couple 100% charge cycles to complete.
  • When new a battery may take 6 to 8 charge discharges to balance. Possibly more if you push the pack hard.
  • When new its always advisable not to discharge the pack at high amps until its balancing well.
  • Don’t leave the charger unattended, charge in a safe place and unplug the charger when done to avoid a drain on the battery.

How charging affects battery life