How to change the fork

  1. Fold the handlebar stem to reveal the headset
  2. Remove the screw (the fork is still held in place as the handlebar-stem clamps to the tube).
  3. Remove the stem by loosening the two bolts. You can now remove the fork. Keep the rest of the headset untouched, you will reuse it with the new fork.
  4. As you can see the new fork has a longer steering tube (in this case 220 mm) and a slightly longer travel (15 mm).
  5. You now have to remove the lower bearing shell from the old fork. There is a small notch on one side to ease the removal. Be careful not to damage the bearing shell and use a knife or small screwdriver if needed.
  6. Put the bearing shell on the new fork.
  7. Here you can see that the new fork needs to be cut in order to fit.
  8. The length of the steerer tube of the stock fork is 182 mm (+- 1 mm).
  9. Use an appropriate tool to cut the tube (pipe cutter, metal saw, angle grinder…)
  10. the new fork now has the correct length
  11. Deburr and file a light chamfer into the tube for easier mounting
  12. Result
  13. The new fork came with a star nut that needs to be driven into the steering tube.
  14. Use a star nut driver to put the nut in place
  15. Hit the driver with a hammer until the star nut is in place
  16. The steerer tube now has a thread for mounting
  17. Put the fork back into the headset
  18. You will need an ahead bolt (they are sold as a set with a star nut, if not already delivered with the fork, or as separate items)
  19. Screw the ahead bolt into the star nut
  20. Enjoy your new fork 🙂
  21. Remount brake and wheel (not pictured)