How to set the current (amperage) on Mate X

Setting the current (amperage) will determine how much power goes into the motor.
For the 750W motor, ideally, you want to keep the power sent to the motor below 750W.

Why would you want to keep it below 750W? Because there is a risk of motor overheating if you send more power in.

How to keep the power below 750W?

Power is calculated by multiplying the battery voltage, the current and the motor efficiency. For Mate X this is:

Full battery54.6V * 16A * 0.83 = 725W
Low battery42V * 16A * 0.83 = 557W

So, if you set the value to 16A you are safe. However, since this calculation is the theoretical maximum, you can set the value to 17A or 18A.

On Mate X, 750W is what is called as continuous power. On the other side there is a peak power, which is actually the maximum your motor can handle and on Mate X this value exceeds 750W.

So, if you increase the current, more power will go into your motor. You motor can handle it for a while without overheating, but if you ride your bike with higher current for a longer period of time, your motor will create a lot of heat and it will eventually overheat. And this can destroy it.

In general, if you combine pedal assist and throttle, you can set the current higher (I have mine on 18A). Also when I want to have more fun, but only for a short time, I increase the value to 25A. I don’t suggest it though, because the risk of killing your motor increases by doing this.

  1. Double click power button to open the main menu
  2. Go to … (more)
  3. Navigate Advanced Settings
  4. Enter your PIN
  5. Navigate to Current Limit